Top 35 Romantic Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

romantic things to say to your girlfriendsource:flickr

Give your girlfriend more reasons to like you and appreciate you for what you are doing for her and one way of doing that, is saying to her romantic or sweet things. The only way she would be certain that you love and care for her is through actions and saying to her every possible thing that can come from your mouth.

There are probably so many romantic things you can say to your girlfriend but check out the following I’m going to list below. The next time you are with your girlfriend, say to her the following 35 things and you would be amazed how she appreciates you for that.

List of romantic things to say to your girlfriend

1. Life without you is like a room without lights
2. You are simply the best thing that has ever happened to me
3. Your passionate kisses blow me away
4. You know everything that is right for me
5. I want to spend the rest of my life with you
6. I don’t think I would have enough of you
7. You are simply amazing
8. I loved you, still love you and would love you forever
9. Only death will separate us
10. I’m privileged to be having you in my life
11. You have brightened my life rain brings life to dry vegetation
12. There is absolutely nothing that can separate us
13. You can count on me for everything
14. No one would dare hurt you in my presence
15. It hurts like hell to see you in pain
16. You were the missing jigsaw in my life
17. My life is much better with you than without you
18. You are simply an intelligent girl
19. Your smile makes happy
20. You are the glue that binds my life
21. I have run out of good words to describe you
22. My life would be boring without you
23. You are the real princess
24. You are the love of my life
25. I will never fall in love again if you walk out of my life
26. Adrenaline rushes through my body the moment I see you
27. Everything is nothing without you
28. You are so addictive that I can’t have enough of you
29. You are the main reason why I’m so successful
30. You are the best friend I can count on for everything
31. I want to spend every possible second with you
32. The moment I see you, I forget all challenges I’m facing
33. I want to hold you tight, kiss you and make love to you
34. You inspire me to do great things and settle for more
35. I have waited so long to find a woman of your kind