Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Your girlfriend deserves every good thing from you and you should always aspire to keep her happy, appreciated and satisfied. You should not only bring or buy her expensive gifts but also make her loved and appreciated. Offering her material things would be useless if you don’t care for her, love her or appreciate the important part she plays in your life. She is simply too important to be ignored and you should do all things possible to make her happy.

In this article I will be listing and put into perspective the many cute/sweet things you can really say to your girlfriend and lift up her morale. You want more reasons to keep her happy and love you back and one way of doing that is simply saying to her cute or sweet words. Telling her “I love you” only isn’t enough and you should try and say to her every possible good word that you can think of and can come from your mouth.

There are probably millions of cute things you can say to your girlfriend and make her appreciated but below I will be listing 100 of them. The next time you are with her, say to her as many of the following things and she will appreciate it.

List of sweet things to say to your girlfriend

1. I love you so much dear
2. You are everything to me
3. You brighten my life like the star that brightens the sky
4. I feel secure to be near you
5. I will love and cherish you forever
6. I can’t imagine my life without you
7. I would be a boring guy without you
8. You make me the happiest guy on earth
9. I’m privileged to be having a relationship with you
10. You smell nice like an angel
11. My friends are jealous that you are mine
12. You are the cutest woman I have ever seen
13. You are the love of my life
14. You are always beautiful
15. You have the best smile that a human being can put on
16. You have the shape every woman would wish for
17. You are always sexy no matter what you wear
18. You are a really trustworthy person
19. You are awesome
20. You are wonderful

image source flickr 21. You are my shoulder to lean on and have realized that I can count on you for everything
22. You are my best friend
23. I feel so good to be with you
24. I can’t imagine the day you are out of my life (God forbid)
25. I certainly don’t know any other name to refer to you than honey, darling or sweet heart
26. I can’t get enough of you
27. I love the bright and never ending smile on your face
28. I love you with my soul and heart
29. You are amazing!
30. There is absolutely nothing negative about you
31. You are the prettiest woman on earth
32. When I lay my eyes on you, I see more reasons to love you
33. You know how to make me laugh
34. You are miles ahead of many other women
35. You always make me to be positive
36. My spirits are always so high and that is thanks to you
37. You have a sense of humour that is unmatched
38. I love the way you love me
39. I love the way you care for me
40. You make me feel like a king
41. You always make my day
42. I feel like being on top of the world and that is thanks to you
43. I never want to stop loving you even for a second
44. My world is never complete without you
45. You always encourage and inspire me to work hard on whatever I do
46. You are my role model
47. Your kindness and generosity is unmatched
48. You make me so special
49. You make my days beautiful
50. You make my nights bright and shinning
51. Your kisses are wonderful and I can’t get enough of them
52. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me
53. You are the most important person in my life
54. I would never substitute you with another woman
55. You know how to make me happy
56. I don’t want to spend a minute away from you
57. I feel comfortable in your labs
58. You know everything that is good for me
59. You are always available for me
60. You are my soul mate for life
61. If I could, I would not have let you die
62. I miss you badly
63. My heart beats for you
64. I feel so lonely and isolated when I’m not with you
65. I can’t wait to kiss you
66. It hurts and simply unbearable to see you in pain
67. I would rather have you in my life than given all the wealth and money in the world
68. There is nothing that compares to you
69. My wish will always to be with you
70. I trust you like I trust the creator
71. I can rely on you for everything
72. You always make me happy
73. I have million reasons to love you than someone else
74. You occupy a special place in my heart
75. I can’t thank you for everything you have done for me
76. You have impacted positively on my life
77. I have no word to describe what I feel for you and how I love you
78. Every moment with you is like being on paradise
79. I have never seen someone who understands me like you do
80. Your beautiful smile makes all the sadness in me disappear for good
81. Any guy in the world would have million reasons why you should be his girlfriend
82. My only wish is if I met you long ago
83. Your voices is the best music my ears can hear
84. I have always dreamt of being with a perfect woman and that become a reality when I found you
85. Your skin is so soft that I can’t my hands off it
86. I love you the way you are
87. My hunger and urge for food disappears whenever I lay my eyes on you
88. It really pains to see you sad
89. You look so clean that I feel like dirtying you if I touch you with my hands
90. You are the last thing on my mind when I sleep and the first thing on it when I wake up
91. I would always be faithful to you
92. You can count on me for anything
93. I would swap and take your place in prison
94. I would sacrifice my life for you
95. You deserve every good thing in this world and hereafter
96. I would protect you from enemies
97. You are every man’s dream
98. You give a completely new dimension to my life
99. I’m useless without you
100. You are simply a cut above the best
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